Think Act Change, Tuesday May 14

You have a job. Financial responsibilities. Maybe even a family. So….how do you go about changing the world? Is it even possible? And if so, how?

Come along to Think Act Change to hear from some amazingly inspirational folks who have done just that. Using art, innovation and social enterprise these young leaders have created massive change across the world and have motivated and inspired a new generation of changemakers.

This months Think Act Change is also a celebration of us reaching 2000 members! All of you have contributed to the growth of this fantastic community, so my sincerest thanks go out to you…..and now it’s time for me to give back.

THE BIG NEWS IS I’ll be announcing some exciting new developments that will give each and every one of you the opportunity to get involved in creating change directly.

Come along to find out more!!!


ELLIOT COSTELLO – CEO, Y Generation Against Poverty

Elliot Costello believes every person can change the world. In 2008 he started YGAP, a not for profit organization aimed to inspire social entrepreneurs to end poverty. For the past 5 years YGAP has provided youth education and youth leadership programs to tens of thousands of children in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

YGAP has also engaged over 10,000 young Australians in its creative fundraising campaigns. In 2010 Elliot steered YGAPs launch of Kinfolk, Melbournes first social enterprise café which channels profits to YGAP’s international development work as well as other locally based not for profit organisations. Following the success of Kinfolk, Elliot and the YGAP team have set the goal for the organization to be largely funded through social enterprise by 2017. YGAP’s next social enterprise is Feast of Merit, a restaurant opening in Melbourne in June 2013.


TOM GOLDNER – Founder, Photo for Freedom

Tom Goldner uses his art to effect social change. Early in 2011, Melbourne documentary photographer and Photo for Freedom founder, Tom Goldner went on a photographic journey through the remote Lake Volta region, a fishing community in Ghana where human trafficking is rife. During this trip he photographically documented the stories of the adults and children he lived with.

Created by Goldner and hosted by Global Gallery Paddington ‘Volta’ is featured as part of the 2013 Head On Photo Festival. Together with not-for-profit organisation YGAP (Y Generation Against Poverty) Tom aims to raise awareness about, and put an end to, modern day slavery in Ghana.
Goldner’s haunting black and white images empathetically communicate the emotional lives of Ghanaian children: revealing their joy and innocence along with the traumatic effects slavery has had on their lives and their community.


Don’t forget our 60 second shout outs! If you have something to say this is your chance to take the stage for 60 seconds. Contact me to get your name on the list.

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